Full Speed Ahead

“You move quickly when you make up your mind on something.”

A friend said that to me the other day. Why yes, yes I do. Let’s face it: if it’s the right fit, you know. I have spent the last post-college-graduation year trying to decide what I want to do with my life, and every month, it seems I had a new dream or goal. Yet here I am, still having done nothing, almost a full year later. It’s pretty clear that nothing I hit upon was the right fit for me right now. Otherwise, I would have taken the risk, made the leap, and gone for it, no matter what.

All that to say, I seem to have found the right fit. It has been three days – yes, seriously, only three days – since I was sitting in the stock room at work, feeling like I was going to explode if something in my life didn’t change. I flippantly texted my sister that I should “buy a plane ticket to Europe or something.” Today, I bought a plane ticket to Europe. Hence, the new blog. You can’t just decide to move to Europe and not start a blog. There are social standards to be upheld here, man.

Am I kidding myself? Can I actually do this? Am I just plain crazy? Don’t worry, I’ve been asking myself those questions every half hour or so. I have exactly 37 days to complete a long list of tasks that range from buying a suitcase to selling my car and storing my belongings. After that, I will get on a one-way flight to Iceland, with my best estimation of a return date being “whenever I run out of money.”

After all, why not? I think when making a big decision, there’s really only one question to ask yourself: When I am 90, and I look back at my life, will I regret this decision? I can’t see any possibility of regretting exploring the world, learning new languages and cultures, living with little, and seeing so many beautiful and incredible things that my mind practically can’t hold all of the memories.

Again, hence the blog. When I’m 90 (if I make it that long) and my mind is not what it used to be, I’ll want some sort of written record of that time I accidentally ended up on a nude beach in Greece or rode an Icelandic pony through more snow than I’ve ever seen in my life. Stories are meant to be told, memories are meant to be shared. I may not be able to figure out what career I want right now, but I know what my lifelong goal is. I want to have incredible stories to tell that will inspire those who read or hear them to take a risk, make the leap, and live their life to the absolute fullest.


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