An Introduction to Tidbits

Today, I find myself with nothing prepared to share. After seven months of consistently posting once a week, of not only having a scheduled sharing-time, but also learning to write for a self-imposed deadline, I am coming up empty. While I have many essays in the making, I have none that are complete. I shall persevere. I had planned to start a new little section, entirely for my own benefit, although I hope someone may enjoy reading them. Wasn’t planning on starting it yet, but in the absence of inspiration, we plough ahead.

“If you want to be a writer, you should write something every day.”

I heard this maxim many years ago, back when I was pounding out fantasy novels and short stories in junior high and high school. Being a writer is sort of my back shelf dream – you know, the one you keep alive for the future, just in case, but don’t really focus on in the present. I went from writing fiction to writing college papers to writing for my blog, but still found myself with dead space at times, when I wasn’t writing anything. During one of these times, I came up with Tidbits.

I actually based this exercise off of work I did in college design classes under our amazing technical theatre professor. He would often have us draw or write things inspired by music or images, and I found the idea fascinating and a lot of fun. I decided to revisit these exercises. I would find random pictures (thank you Google), then use them to write something, anything: a sentence, a paragraph, a thought. I’m not trying to describe the pictures or tell a story related to the pictures. I am simply using the inspiration that the image provides to draw out a few words, hopefully strung together in a creative or clever way. Just a Tidbit.

Now, I thought I’d start sharing some of these Tidbits I’ve come up with, along with the images that inspired them, for two reasons: sharing my writing always encourages me to write more, even if no one is really reading it; and this will give me something to share when I hit those Thursdays with no full post prepared, thereby expanding my seven-month habit.

Here is the first Tidbit. Enjoy. Or don’t. Your choice.


The sparrow wished them a good day with all the politeness a small bird learns to utilize in a world much bigger than itself and flew away promptly, no doubt on some important errand that only he could fulfill.



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