I shan’t be moved. Do you suppose for one minute that there is anything you can say or do that will change my mind? It is my right to stand here, and I shall do so. I am a staunch, unwavering, determined individual. I am right, and you cannot change my mind about that.


“You shouldn’t have!” His giggle was delightful, his eyes shyly downcast, while the upward curve of his lips decried a secret pleasure he eagerly desired to share. His nose twitched, his eyelashes fluttered, and then, unable to hold it back any longer, he released the sweetest laugh they had ever heard. In half a moment,…

Birds of a Feather

“To be stared at, to be constantly watched, just because one’s plumage is of an eye-catching color is nothing short of perturbing.” “Yet, honestly, darling, would it not be just as insulting to be ignored?”

Water Lily

She was so perfectly delicate, as though she had been crafted by the hands of a master artist out of the finest glass, that no one ever suspected there was a burning energy within her, roiling and spitting. She was a volcano lying in wait, knowing that the day she erupted, she would change the…