Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #1: Solid Ground

#1: Solid Ground

As in, ground that doesn’t rock beneath your feet. Sure, I got off the ship quite frequently, but it has been a full six months since I have been on land after 6:00 PM. Spending the night in a bed that doesn’t automatically rock you to sleep is a delight.


Story time!

Once upon a time, during my first contract (those wild and crazy days), I had too many “cruisers” at the crew bar and ended up wasted. You think being drunk on land isn’t fun? Try it on a ship. That trick of laying on a bed with one foot on the ground to stabilize your brain doesn’t exactly work when the ground itself is also rocking. Lesson learned the hard way. I never had too much to drink again.


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  1. John Alec Briggs says:

    On the bright side, it only costs you half as much to get twice as drunk!

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