Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #4: Driving

#4: Driving

I haven’t driven in nine months, due to time spent in Brazil with my boyfriend’s family and then time spent in the cruise line’s studios on land prior to the six-month contract starting. As a driving-lover, it is something I missed incredibly within only a few weeks of being on board. Driving, to me, is somewhat synonymous with freedom.

Haven’t seen my baby car (whom I call “Caviar” because its a little black egg) in almost a year!

Story time!

Once upon a time, I didn’t really want to use Uber all the time (which is how we got to the grocery store every single home port on this last contract), so I would take the bus provided at the Long Beach cruise terminal. It was a free – albeit iffy and somewhat terrifying – service that made a loop through nearby locations like a shopping center and movie theatre (home of my typical Starbucks haunt). The only grocery store within the area though was an El Super. Towards the end of my contract, I was desperate enough to start picking up a few bags of foods like Ritz, chips and salsa, and fruit juice in order to supplement my waning diet.


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