Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #6: A Shower You Can Stretch Your Arms In

#6: A shower you can stretch your arms in

If you’ve ever taken a cruise vacation, you’re probably pretty aware of how small the showers are. Guess what? Crew showers are even smaller! Okay, I’m grateful we (as staff level crew members) at least had a shower in our room instead of having to use communal showers in the hall bathrooms, but still, they are seriously tiny. I’m guessing less than two square feet… only arranged into this odd seven-sided triangular shape. The widest part of the entire bathroom – sink, toilet, and all – was the length of my arm span. In order to shave, you must become a contortionist.

This is nice.


This is not.

Story time!

The water pressure in the showers can vary greatly, and if it is too high, the shower typically doesn’t drain fast enough, leaving a couple inches of water standing in the bottom at all times. Now combine that with a rocky night on the open seas, and you’ll realize pretty fast why the bathroom floor itself also has a drain. I was briefly staying in a cabin whose shower drain did not operate at all, so my showers became this constant back-and-forth of one minute with the water on, two minutes with the water off. It was just so super fun.



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