Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #7: Normal Clothes

#7: Normal clothes

A typical crew member can work up to 70 hours a week and must spend all of these working hours in uniform. Taking into account that you aren’t going to change for most of your small breaks in between events or activities, you can end up spending like 90% of your waking hours in a company-mandated uniform. I’ve discovered that never wearing your own clothes can eventually sort of steal your personality… but maybe that’s just me.


A rare moment in normal clothing on board… note the ever-present name tag.
This is what I looked like 90% of the time (minus the makeup, cause nobody’s got time for that).

Story time!

Once upon a time, I was a major rule-follower. Okay, who am I kidding, I still can’t break the rules most of the time without getting a stomach ache. However, when it comes to uniforms, I bent those rules as far as I could. Instead of the proper black pants, steel-toed shoes (which will destroy your feet), and tucked-in polo with a belt that technicians are supposed to wear, I got away with wearing black Lycra yoga-pants, Nikes, and an all-black, no-collar jacket that could easily be zipped up to cover whatever T-shirt I had thrown on underneath that day. Booyah.


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