Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #10: Beds That Haven’t Been Slept in by Thousands

#10: Beds that haven’t been slept in by a thousand other people

When you get on board, you are assigned a cabin, most commonly with another person already living in it and their previous room mate having vacated the premises only an hour before your arrival. By right of pecking order, you get the upper bunk (until your room mate leaves, and you get to move down). Now, the beds aren’t necessarily uncomfortable, but avoid pulling back those sheets at all costs. You do not want to see the yellow and even brown stains left on the mattress by any number of previous owners.

Don’t be fooled – this is not how a cabin bed normally looks. We went through a lot of trouble to make this bed slightly more comfortable and clean.

Story time!

My boyfriend and I decided that we were going to bring our own sheets on board for our last contract. Great choice, since that put us in control of when those sheets were washed and changed. Crew cabin stewards can be a little shifty about how often they feel like changing your sheets… Anyway, I had left the original sheet provided on the bed below our own, and one day, I decided I should go ahead and take that off. Bad. No. Abort mission. I cannot un-see the stains we slept on for six months.


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