Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #11: Internet

#11: Internet

I know I already said cell service, but I’m talking good old internet on a computer or laptop. Maybe it’s just because I like to write and often need to research things in order to do that writing, but the lack of internet on my laptop always irritates me more than no cell service. We live in an age when I should be able to do extensive research on the life of Marianne North at the drop of a hat in order to satisfy a possible story idea that I came up with in the shower! Okay, maybe I’m just a nerd…

[Insert your imaginative version of what the internet looks like here.]

Story time!

My boyfriend and I had originally planned to do one more contract after this one we just finished (before we realized just how much we dislike ship life), and my plan was to be applying to grad school while we worked. I hadn’t fully thought that plan through, so I’m glad it got discarded. I struggled so much on this last contract with trying to prepare for grad school. I ended up with piles of topics for academic papers waiting to be written when internet lasts for more than a few hours once a week.


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