Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #12: Temperature Control

#12: Temperature control

You have zero control of the temperature of any room on the ship (unless you happen to work in the refrigeration department). Okay, maybe you have like 1% control – there’s a vent in your cabin that you can open and close for more or less air, assuming your room mate agrees. However, the temperature of the air coming out is – you guessed it – not your choice.

These ugly Christmas sweaters were functional and hella cool!

Story time!

On my first contract, the theatre – both the audience and the backstage areas – were so incredibly cold that guests would complain the second they crossed the threshold and our dancers were turning to icicles between shows as all their sweat dried. I lived in warm pants and a jacket and ended up ruining my posture because I was constantly sitting hunched forward and huddled into a ball trying to keep warm. On the other hand, we had issues on this last contract with the AC being turned off entirely in the lounge in order to save money. Come on, people.


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