Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #13: A Bed You Can Stretch Out In

#13: A bed you can stretch out in

So the cruise line I worked for had this oh-so-special policy that allowed couples (or even best friends) to room together. This seems like it would be really accommodating, since there are a great number of dating, engaged, and even married couples working on board. However, you are still provided the exact same cabin as anyone else, by which I mean, two twin bunk beds. Yeah, you can room together, but good luck actually sleeping in the same bed. People got around this in a great number of ways. There were contraband “couple’s beds” created (basically by bribing a few people and hoping no one would notice the makeshift extension during routine cabin inspections), but if you didn’t happen to get one of these, options included sticking to your own beds for the whole six months, pulling both mattresses onto the floor each night, or finding a way to squeeze both of you onto one twin bed.

Look at that nice normal-sized bed!

Story time!

My first cabin on my first contract had a miraculous “couple’s bed,” despite the complete non-couple-ness of my room mate and I. On my second contract, my boyfriend and I were not so lucky. We spent the six months sleeping like Mexican exclamation marks (I’m assuming that’s a clear enough metaphor), unless one of us was feeling sick or extra tired, in which case my boyfriend got booted to the top bunk. Still, rooming with someone you know and love is so much better than living with random strangers.


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