Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #14: Grocery Shopping

#14: Grocery shopping

I love grocery shopping to start with, so naturally, I miss it a lot anytime I am no longer in control of my own food. My boyfriend and I actually went grocery shopping almost every home port on this last contract, but we were still very limited in what we could buy, since we can’t cook anything. Avocados on bagels were the staple of our diet for the majority of the six months.

So many ship life staples there.

Story time!

The rules concerning food in the cabins are a bit hard to decipher (or maybe it’s just that everyone breaks them). Pre-packaged snacks are okay, but nothing that spoils is allowed… I think. You can also get a mini-fridge in your room, if you’re lucky. On our first contract, you paid about $60 for one. By our last contact (a bit over a year later), we were told that we had to pay $120 for a refrigerator, then wait for the ship to actually get one, which could take an indefinite amount of time. You don’t get to return the fridge at the end of your contract either, though you can surreptitiously sell it off to another crew member. We balked at the absurdity of that, told our manager about it, and (being the awesome guy he was) he made a fridge miraculously appear in our cabin the next day. Connections are lifesavers in ship life.


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