Things Ship Life Makes You Grateful For – #15: PDA

#15: PDA

No PDA at work, even if you work with your loved one, is a completely understandable rule. Professionalism, and all. However, when your work place is also your home, that can kind of turn into No-PDA-Ever. When my boyfriend and I had a date night at the nice restaurant on board during our few hours off, we technically were not allowed to hold hands across the table. If we were getting off the ship in Cozumel for a nice day on the beach, we were not allowed to put our arms around each other until we were off the gangway (or maybe even the pier?). Technically, at least.

We’re smoochy people, okay. Don’t judge!

Story time!

Once upon a time, my boyfriend and I broke this rule all the time. Like, ALL THE TIME. That is all.


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