It’s Moving Day!

Good morning all. This is just a short note to let you know that Have Wanderlust: Will Travel no longer exists. Well. I’m sure it will continue to exist. It simply won’t be receiving any new works. That is because, as of today, my new and improved blog is completed, published, and ready for use!…

Digging Deep

He regarded him with the newfound respect one shows for a man who has managed to discover one of your innermost secrets before you yourself have.


“Look not to the cities,” he warned. “To the steel and concrete, to the stress and importance and lofty desires. You will find the future in a much different place.” He leaned in to share his secret. “Look to the old, the crumbling, the established – look to what has survived. The past is the…


“There are two things I know for sure,” he muttered to the wind. “Everything around me is an illusion, and I am in control of that illusion.” The wind only laughed its gentle laugh.

If Only…

“I wish I were rich, for then I would have the money to give to others in need. Then I could make the world a better place.” “I wish I were powerful, for then I would have the power to make good changes for others. Then I could make the world a better place.”  …

Emotional Energy

Anger grasps at the energy around it. It sucks up energy, consumes it. Sadness releases energy. It relaxes, opens up, and lets the energy go.


Two paths converged in a wood, and I, being the rebel that I am, made a third one.


I always wanted to live next to a brooding, troubled pianist. Or above. Or below. Anywhere close enough to hear him play and begin a fabulous book-worthy romance.


He had a strange mouth, wide and somewhat lopsided, that was all the more appealing in its peculiarities.


It’s not really the fear of falling, is it? We’ve been conditioned to know that falling can’t last forever. It’s the fear of what happens when the falling stops that cripples us. If we could just enjoy the falling itself for what it is… the falling is amazing.